Incident Command:  Chief Shane Mahar

Total Alarms:            105

            First Alarm:               02:45 Friday, December 12, 2008

            FD in Service:            20:11 Sunday, December 14, 2008

Total Man Hours:                 3,926 minutes x 21 firefighters/60 = 1,374 Hours

Injuries:                                  0 Civilian

                                                0 Firefighter


Fire Department Personnel Responding:

Chief Shane Mahar                                         Firefighter Chuck Fiorino

1st Asst. Chief Jeff Mahar                               Firefighter Joe Fitzpatrick

2nd Asst. Chief Tony Conti                             Firefighter Bill Mehan

Captain Paul O’Kosky, II                               Firefighter Jeri Mehan

Captain Kevin Mehan                                     Firefighter Bryan Nyland

Lieutenant Matt Mehan                                   Firefighter Kevin Pratt

Lieutenant Tracey Cancilla                              Firefighter Mark Scelsi

Safety Officer Tom Caivana                            Firefighter Nicole Schermerhorn

Firefighter Amy Benacquista                           Firefighter James Spooner

Firefighter Chris Cancilla                                 Firefighter Teddy Thrane

Firefighter John Demers


Ladies Auxiliary Personnel Responding:

Sue Mehan                  Amber Mehan

Kate Pratt                   Stacie Mehan

Terri Fiorino                Brenda Bramen

Lori Mehan                 Felicia Bramen


Alarm/Incident Information:

Most alarms consisted of removing hazards (wires, poles, and trees) that fell in the storm as well as pump-outs and requests for generators.  We also responded to four Carbon Monoxide detector activations, and one working structure fire in the Hillcrest Fire District.  See complete Incident Log for further details.


Equipment Used:

M 59-2, E 59-3, ETA 59-4, F 59-5

Portable Pumps with appropriate suction hose, strainers, and discharge lines

Submersible Pumps

Variety of tools (spanner wrenches, chain saws, drills, etc) 

Generators with appropriate lead cords and power equipment

Multi-Gas Meter and Positive Pressure Fan

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Traffic Control Devices (Cones and Barricades)